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About corn, daisies and poppies

Little visible warmth, nutrition, air and water make a seed grow into a corn ear.

It is not alone there in the field, but it has its own place among other ears of corn, poppies, daisies, grass and weeds.

Together they look like a whole, one cornfield, but still each plant is unique because they are all different, have a different twist in the stem, show a different tint, have different sizes, one is reaching to the top, the other almost invisible….

What grows on a cornfield reminds me of people… unique, different from the rest, even though we seem to be alike and fit in the same category. We strive to look like the other. We try to mirror the people we look up to. We adapt to what the environment seems to be expecting. We are different, but we are allowed to be part of it.  Or…

The small ear of corn wants to be the large ear of corn. The large ear of corn longs for the thicker grains of the smaller ear of corn. The large poppy gives direction to the smaller poppies. The daisies feel less at home in the group of poppies.

Each field flower or corn ear is allowed by nature to be itself in the field. It dares to be itself, because it can’t be otherwise. It naturally finds solutions to the challenge of growing in the wild. It uses its own possibilities to mature and take on challenges.

I may also be myself, I can’t do otherwise. Of course I try to fit in as well as possible with (the expectations of) the environment, the job and myself. I allow myself to be firm and know my talents, my strengths, my possibilities so that I can handle the challenges and difficulties on my way and grow a little bit every day.

Covid 19

We’re taking every measure to keep our activities safe. We ask you to notify us if you show symptoms of infection with covid-19 and cancel your participation.

What characterizes TassCoffee?

  • Different…
  • A safe and appreciative environment,
  • on the basis of a good conversation with coffee (or tea or…),
  • where the person is central,
  • there is no standard offer, but rather a creative and tailor-made trajectory,
  • where you, as an individual or organization, are free to set the course,
  • where creativity and ideas are key,
  • you can always contact us for a free telephone contact,
  • the quality is monitored by individual surveys, Solution Focussed super- and intervisions, KMO Portefeuille, VDAB, network Kindertalentenfluisteraars, …

Participate to a workshop

After registration you will receive an email with the details. Please verify the name of the workshop and the date when making your reservation.

  • Atelier Jobcoaching: ‘Succesvol solliciteren’ (NL)
    • 26/10/2020, 20:00 to 21:30
    • MiJoya (Tervuren) – max. 4 participants
    • Participation fee: 15,00 € – Enrol now
  • Atelier Jobcoaching: ‘Arbeidsmarkt’ (NL)
    • 9/11/2020, 20:00 to 21:30
    • MiJoya (Tervuren) – max.  4 participants
    • Participation fee: 15,00 € – Enrol now
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