Group workshops


The group workshops take place in a small group so a safe and personal setting can be obtained. They are called Ateliers.

The offer varies and focuses on the needs I encounter in individual sessions and the content is based on my experience and knowledge.

Increasing your knowledge and insights, helps you to you be successful in addressing difficulties and take the lead to find matching solutions for you.

The Ateliers have an informative, an interactive and self-reflection part. You can participate actively and ask questions, or just listen and absorb the information. You don’t have to do anything, it is you who decides how you participate.

The offer will always vary within the domains mentioned below:

  • Choice of study
    • 1 (basics) & 2 (continued)
  • Job coaching, job application & labour market
    • You will be challenged to think and grow in an (online) group of up to 4 participants. Increase your insights and self-knowledge by doing exercises that will allow you to successfully steer your search for the right job or obtain a successful discussion with your current employer. The workshop is designed for those who are looking for work.
    • The group workshops on job coaching build up gradually so ideally you subscribe for the 10 sessions. On request you can also be registered on separate items.
  • Personal development
    • A good conversation
  • Integration
    • Currently no offering
  • Organisations & teams
    • Tailor made workshops for organizations can be organised to improve collaboration.

“Imagine that your brain forms new connections as you take up challenges and learn. Go on with it.”
– Carol Dweck

The road to growth

You will be challenged to think and grow in small (online) groups.

Spice up your insights to increase self-knowledge, make the right study choice, get the right job or prepare yourself for a good discussion at your current employer.

Please contact me for more information on sessions in English.

Smoothly to the labor market thanks to the right guidance.

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