Natalie Neyt

Hello, my name is Natalie Neyt.

I graduated from the Ghent University as a Master Criminal Sciences, majoring in juvenile criminology and children’s law. I wanted to help young people that experienced difficult times.

When choosing my study I had taken into account that I absolutely wanted to have a meaningful helpful and social role in my later career. First I worked as a criminological researcher for a few years and then I ended up in different types of organisations in the Human Resources department. The responsibility and impact that Human Resources can have on attracting, growing and engaging people who fit within the organization in the long term fascinates me to this day.

However, I always seemed to jump from one challenge and environment to another. I became restless after a few years in “the same” job or in the same predictable group. If I couldn’t see other professional options or challenges, I would jump to another organisation or direction. I jumped from statutory positions to interim, to international companies and governmental organisations. I never felt satisfied in my job, with what I did or even who I was. I had the habit of comparing myself to others so I felt never proud of what I, with my possibilities and talents, had realized.

Because of a personal loss, I was suddenly very much confronted with myself: who am I, what do I want, what do I want to achieve in life, what do I want to do professionally… And I jumped…

“To become is better than to be.”
– Carol Dweck

Independent ... with TassCoffee.

I took the leap to working on my own. I allowed myself to chase my professional dreams, take time for my children, be a helping “fountain of ideas” with autonomy, variation and challenge, … it all seemed to coincide. If only I had had career guidance years earlier or someone who made me think about who I am, what I stand for and what I want. It had saved me a lot of tears, guilt, feelings of incompetence and stress.

This is why I took the step to start my own coaching and consulting practice ‘TassCoffee’.

Every day I dwell with people on (re)discovering identity, qualities and talents, values and existential motives and solving problems. I have the feeling that we experience more satisfaction and fulfilment when we have been able to reflect on what is important to ourselves, where we want to go and how we can use our qualities to overcome difficulties and be satisfied in a job, your family, your social life …

I found it strange that “grown ups” don’t necessarily have a stronger and better idea of who they are and what they want in life than young adults. Managers don’t necessarily seem to see their existential purpose more strongly than the starter in their team. The adolescent who experiences difficulties can be confused because the search for his or her identity doesn’t seem to correspond with what is expected.

It makes me more and more intrigued by the concept of ‘identity’ and how it has an impact on health, satisfaction and creativity in the search for solutions when things get harder.

Give yourself time and grow

I now allow myself to take the time to do things that give me energy and satisfaction, but also to believe in myself and in what I can.

I allow myself to grow every day by looking for exiting training programs and gain thus more experience and more confidence as counsellor, career guidance, child talent whisperer, social legislation, attachment based family therapy,…

In 2018 I started the 4-year training at Korzybski’s International Institute to become a solution-focused cognitive systemic psychotherapist. This training helps me to support young people and adults when daily life gets difficult and helps me to coach on topics such as resilience, self-image, stress, communication, fear (e.g. fear of failure),…

I’m following my dream: having a meaningful contribution to people. Every time it gives me an indescribable feeling when I push a boundary and could mean something to someone.

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