Personal difficulties


In a highly individualized society, we learn from an early age to take responsibility for our lives and actions, and by extension those of our children. Shouldn’t we be successful and feel happy? Don’t our children reflect how well we do as a parent? Isn’t work a reflection of who we are and how successful we are in this society?

At turning points or moments of crisis, it happens that we just don’t seem to see the solution or the answer. It makes you fall into a melancholic state of how it could be or how it was. Different or ‘unproductive’ behaviour is little accepted in our society and it can cause a dark feeling of disappointment, sadness and fear.

Attention, (self) reflection, tranquillity, creativity and community spirit are tried-and-tested ways to cope with things and figure out solutions. The longing for a way out has always stimulated creativity. Don’ be afraid to stand still for a moment and discover new insights, resources and solutions.

“If I keep looking as I have always looked,
I keep thinking like I always thought.
If I keep thinking like I’ve always thought,
I continue to believe as I’ve always believed.
If I keep believing what I’ve always believed,
I’m going to keep doing what I’ve always done.
If I keep doing what I’ve always done,
Keeps happening to me what always happens to me.”
– Author unknown

Oplossingen vanuit jezelf

TassCoffee offers coaching to children, adolescents and adults on an individual basis or from a  family perspective. It can be about personal development, stress, (failure) anxiety, self-image, sense of identity, conflicts, …

Shall we find solutions together for what is currently difficult?

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