Study choice


Who was thinking about his or her talents and what they wanted to achieve professionally later on as a teenager? I didn’t.

Schools try to guide their students towards a solid study choice with different kinds of tests, interest tests, intelligence tests,… As parent you accompany your child to the best study choice based on capacities, interests, your own experiences,…

“He who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
– Albert Einstein

An anchored study choice

For young adults it is very rewarding to meet a neutral dialogue partner who can safely assess their talents, motives, motivations… and professional dreams. A correct insight makes the choice of study so much easier and eliminates feelings of regret, “what if”, “choosing a general direction because that gives many options on the job market later on”… .

It is empowering to know why you really chose a particular discipline and what you want to accomplish with it later on. It brings an extra energy to persevere, to study and eventually to reach your goal.

How does the choice of study coaching work?

You don’t have to take any tests in this coaching, you just have to dare to be yourself and be open to conversation. Togehter we look at your possibilities, what motivates you, what you want to achieve in a professional environment and then make a link to the job market. In so doing, the choice of study becomes a well-founded choice. At the end of the session, which lasts on average 1.5 to 2 hours, you are ready to explore more in depth the practical study options.

It is possible that the parents join at the end of the session.

Make the right study choice, and make it right away!

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