My education and experience

Fascinated by understanding and supporting people, society, the difficulties on our journey and how we can grow as individuals and tackle difficulties on the way.

The criminology course provided a thorough foundation to deepen my understanding of people and difficult situations. After an experience as a researcher, I became a Human Resources professional, understanding that people are key within organizations. With this experience I started my own business in 2011 to support people in their choice of study, job satisfaction, collaboration in organisations and teams.

A selection of courses

Psychotherapist io.

  • Korzybski Institute
  • 2018-2022

Solution Focussed Career Coaching

  • Arabel vzw
  • 2015

Labour Psychology and Children’s Rights

  • UBarcelona
  • 1998-1999

Master Criminological Sciences

  • UGent
  • 1993-1998

Main skills

Idea fountain 100%
Social and open 100%
Eager to learn 100%
Perseverant 100%

Work experience


TassCoffee – 2011 to date

Supporting children, adolescents and adults with choice of study, job coaching, integration, difficulties and personal growth:

  • Solution Focussed Counselor (achieved June 2020)
  • Child talent whisperer a.o. with the municipality of Tervuren, Bertem
  • Career centre certified by VDAB
  • asbl Homaar (Wetteren)
  • Workshops & training on personal growth, labour market, talents
  • Volunteering

Human Resources

Consulting on an independent basis – 2011 to date
Support of organizations on short or longer assignments within the domain of soft Human Resources:

  • Interim Management at organizations such as Imec, materialize, CEB/SHL, Mecs/ DuPont, Aon, LeuvenMindgate, NMBS, neovia, Chep/Brambles, test purchase, niras-ondraf, t-group, JSR Micro, Technogym, Delhaize, Kia Motors Belgium, E&A Consulting, Municipality of Tervuren …
  • Advice on policy development (e.g. via KMOP)
  • Training and development – individual, leadership, team, organisation

In permanent employment – 1999 to 2011

  • HayGroup – Compensation & Benefits Consultant
  • TMVW (Farys) – Responsible for Selection and Recruitment
  • Unique Career – Consultant HR (outsourced)
  • Flemish Government MOW – HR Manager
  • NICC / DSB – Scientific researcher
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